Renuka's Variation

We are quite proud of the software as a listening aid, but it took a blind woman, Renuka Gupta-Jantz who is an Assistant to The Learning Strategies Advisor at the University of Alberta, to recognize that we can get a lot more from the program without having to make any major changes to it.

After she overheard me displaying the program to another academic in the room, she pointed out that the program could also be used to train students to speak with a North American accent. The students listen to the sentences, and type in what they hear as intended by the listening program. After they have solved listening correctly to each saying, they can then play it again at Regular speed, and then repeat what they hear into an inexpensive (hopefully) portable voice recorder. They can then listen to their version, and compare it with the professionally created sayings, and adjust their pronunciations by repetition.

We all owe Renuka a lot for recognizing this potential.  One of next projects will be to create a temporary data bank of user recordings embedded into our program, linked to the user's classroom headset microphones and earphones.


Thank you, Renuka !