We call this the "Radio"

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This is a non-functional Radio meant to help you learn the process. This tutorial will guide you through the steps oh how to use the Help With Listening Radio. You will have full access to the Radio in the trial and after purchasing time.

Choose a category and sub-category of interest to you.

Choose a difficulty to filter the sayings shown.

Click on a saying to learn from the list.

The active saying will be highlighted. Sayings you have completed are marked with a check. Sayings that you have started and not completed are in grey.

Choose a playback speed.

Press Play button and Listen.

Type what you hear in the input box.

Evaluate your results.

Check your evaluation results. Use the legend to understand any errors.

Thank you for completing the tutorial!

Lets you understand what you are hearing!

Time Remaining

00h 10m 00s
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  • Wrong letter case
  • Wrong word/spelling
  • Missing words
  • Punctuation